Liang Shan

Senior Development Manager

Pudong Shanghai,Male,1987

[email protected]



Personal Experience

2015/10—Now,Senior Development Manager

2014/11—2015/10,Tech Leader

2011/03—2014/11,Senior Software Developer

During the days in, I became an architect from an engineer, the understanding of technology has been gradually deepened. At the same time, it began to theorize the experience gained in practice through reading, and gradually formed a wider knowledge.

Earlier Career

2008/07—2011/03,PHP Developer

Worked for and, build the websites in PHP.



A lightweight framework to use with ZeroRPC (inspired by Flask)

APS - Anjuke Private Service

RPC protocol based on ØMQ

keywords: ØMQ,Python,PHP,SOA

Semantic Search Engine

User always search keywords about POI when using We try to turn the keyword search into POI search, based on Bayes and search engine.

A total of 6 people participated in the project, who are cross team and across departments, I’m part of the team as the leader to be responsible for the final integration of the various components, coordination of cooperation between the various members. Responsible for Bayesian, POI service development and deployment. Through this improvement, we have greatly improved the ability of search engines to understand user input, thereby reducing the chance of empty search results from 20% to less than 5%. The technology already has a patent application for the “vertical search engine”, which can be found in the National Patent Office.

Keywords:Python,PHP,POI,Bayes,Solr,Chinese Segmentation

ROMAR - Recommendation Engine

A recommendation engine based on Apache Mahout. You can find the design document at my blog



A private Gitlab-like project.



Bachelor’s Degree
Shanghai University Of Electric Power,Computer Science and Technology,2004 to 2008



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